Pizza box folding hack to keep leftovers in the fridge is blowing people’s minds


It’s very rare that there are any leftovers to store away after ordering in a pizza takeaway.

But on the odd occasion that we do manage to find the self-restraint not to scoff the lot, it’s always nice to open the fridge the next day to find a ready-made lunch.

The easiest way to store the remaining slices is always just to shove the entire box in the fridge, but it’s often too bulky to fit on the shelves without completely clearing them first.

However, it turns out there may be a solution to that problem after TikTok user @Nateandgran shared a video on how to reduce the size of the box with some simple folds, writing: “Pizza box life hacks.”

Showing how it’s done, he begins by ripping off the lid before removing some of cardboard from the side flaps and folding the whole thing in half to create a mini box perfect for leftovers.

He claims that “every pizza box can do this” but as the video went viral, racking up millions and millions of views, people took to the comments to say that it is dependent on where you order from.

But the clip was copied by @Ccsmilezz with a regular Domino’s box, who demonstrated it is still possible without the tear off tabs on the side by simply folding the flaps down instead, as seen in the video above.

People were left mind-blown they had never known the simply hack before, as one said: “I worked for over 10 years at Pizza Hut and I AM TODAY YEARS OLD.”

A second wrote: “Please… Shut the entire front door… how? Why don’t people tell us things as we grow up.”

And another joked: “What’s leftover pizza?”