Twilight fan exposes filming trick to give illusion vampires were running fast


A woman was in hysterics when she discovered how the makers of Twilight made it looks like the actors were running at super speed.

The fantasy romance series follows Kristen Stewert as Bella Swan as she falls in love with classmate Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) who reveals himself to be a vampire.

But how did the producers make it looks like the actors were running as fast as the supernatural species? If you thought that they just fast-forwarded the scene, you’d be wrong.

Chloe said she was “baffled” after her friend sent her a behind-the-scenes clip of the film on TikTok, where she’s known as @chloeewebber.

She exposed how they did the ‘fast vampire running’ scenes in a video that has been viewed more than 7.4 million times on the social media platform, and we can’t get over it.

The video shows the actors running on a treadmill that is being pulled along by a vehicle to make it look like they were moving, when in fact they were actually just running on the spot.

She said: “I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this.”

Since being posted, the video has received more than 1.7 million likes and 30,000 comments from fans in hysterics.

One person said: “No wonder Robert Pattinson hated Twilight so much.”

Another put: “You’re telling me they didn’t just turn on 3x.”

“Esme: you wanna see some real speed?,” said a third.

Someone else said: “Emmett’s full on sprinting and Esme’s just showing us her new Zumba class routine she learnt.”