Friends fan spots Joey wardrobe error saying they ‘let things slide in season 5’


With more than 88 hours worth of footage in the long-running series Friends, it’s hardly surprising that the odd error made it through the editing process unnoticed.

But one fan wasn’t feeling so forgiving when they pointed out a glaring blunder in which Joey Tribbiani appears to change wardrobe mid-conversation, saying: “The Friends director let things slide in season 5.”

Pulling up footage from episode 17, titled ‘The One with Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss’, Joey attracts the attention of a woman in Ross’s building and attempts to find her by matching up the windows on the outside with the doors inside.

But during his first effort at finding the right flat, Joey can be seen counting doors in the corridor before thinking he had landed on the right one, leaning on the frame and knocking confidently – clearly wearing a maroon buttoned shirt and blue jeans.

But as the camera angle switches to show Ross opening his front door and leaving Joey disappointed, the character is suddenly shown to switch outfits to a black zip-up jumper without ever being off camera.

Throughout the episode Joey is seen trying to locate the woman’s door numerous times, finding Ross on the other side on more than one occasion, and it appears two different clips were mistakenly stitched together during the final cut.

For any mega-fans who have missed the continuity error all these years and want to see it for themselves, jump to 3 minutes 10 seconds – or just use it as an excuse to watch the whole episode.

It was spotted by TikTok user @Thebradleymarcus with the caption: ‘When you see it…’, gaining more than 30,000 views – but some people still couldn’t spot the issue.

One viewer commented: “Wtf is wrong, can you explain. Is this just a con to keep us rewatching?”

A second said: “What are we meant to be seeing?”

And some refused to believe it really existed, insisting the clip had been created using two different scenes from the same episode.

But another attempted to clear everything up by pointing out: “Joey’s shirt goes from red to black.”